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My Advice for Real Estate Investors

This weekend A and I attended a Real Estate Meetup for investors. It’s great to get together with like-minded people thinking about investing especially young individuals around the age of 25-30 looking for investors, so they could retire early and have positive cash flow coming in. Anyways, I thought I would share with you what we chatted about since I know getting your feet wet into an investment property isn’t as easy as A B C.I learned that there are a lot of “out of state” investors. By that I mean, out of California, mainly out of the Bay Area. The Bay Area (the area between Marin and Gilroy) is very HOT at this moment! A lot of companies have headquarters in these cities, so a lot of the jobs are tech related. Most of the people we met during the real estate investor’s…

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Date Night: Eat Drink San Francisco 2017

I love Fridays because I loooove food! And on Fridays we usually talk about food. Oh and a little fun update, I’m sick with a swollen index finger because I got bit by a mosquito. We’re done moving now, we’re just getting everything together and situated. We’re preparing for an upcoming wedding, upcoming fish trip, and upcoming LABOR DAY WEEKEND! Woohoo! Back to food, so last Friday A and I went to Eat Drink SF. It was a great experiences and we would do it all over again because we are such foodies that coming to these events make it very worth it.So, I’ve fasted previously before coming to the event because I knew I was going to be eating A LOT and drinking A LOT. There are so many vendors you tend to get overwhelmed, but we started from the entrance and made…

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Room-By-Room Guide to Cleaning Up Your Rental Property

Finally! We’ve been moving and hustling and bustling, so of course why wouldn’t I create a Money Monday guide to teach you how to save money whilst cleaning your rental property. (We try to keep our rented apartment as clean as possible for the next tenants!) We have experiences as renters and as landlords because we are still renting.A and I have taken the week to move out of our home and BACK into our parents house (yes, sadly you heard that right) to save a little extra cash for the future. Don’t worry we don’t plan on living there forever. We just want to rent from our parents helping them while helping us. But before moving in or out A and I go through a cleaning day to make the place presentation for the next tenants. Scroll pass the infographics to read cash saving…