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Meal Prep: Breakfast Hash Bowl with Shrimp! (30 Minutes or Less!)

by Caaarrrolynnnn-

Recently, A and I went to Cassava in San Francisco for a beautiful brunch at 1pm. We couldn’t wake up early enough, so we caught the end of brunch. Sunday brunch isn’t our usual because we usually workout and than have breakfast or lunch with my mom. So this was a first for us, in a long time! I decided to meal prep this breakfast hash for the week as it was such an unforgettable meal!


A ordered a Pork Shoulder & Fried Egg Open Face Sandwich and I ordered a Cassava’s Breakfast Sausage Hash Bowl. There were a few items I wanted to try like the Japanese Breakfast, but there was rice and I was avoiding carbs.

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His sandwich was over a piece of toasted bread and looked amazing. His pork shoulder was tender and draped over arugula and topped with a fried egg. The bread itself was toasted and slathered with olive tapenade. It was one of those rustic country style breads!!! Looked and smelled like the countryside with white linen drying in the fields.

My meal was simple, potatoes, brussel sprouts, toped with aioli (which at the point of ordering I was clueless), and topped with a sausage and fried egg. I assumed the aioli was made in house. I mean you wouldn’t call it aioli if it wasn’t made with eggs and extra virgin olive oil… it would just be chipotle mayonnaise. Mine did not smell like the countryside, but rather it reminded me of having a sausage at Wurstkuche in Los Angeles while baking in the hot sun.

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Because I couldn’t get this out of my head I tried to recreate this with a personal touch and minus the aioli. I don’t have aioli often, so I wasn’t missing it. It’s an under 30 minutes recipe and 1 pot because we are busy people!

Breakfast Shrimp Hash Bowl


1 bag of Teeny Tiny Potatoes (Trader Joes)

16 oz shredded brussel sprouts

10 Shrimps

2 Eggs


Sea Salt


Black Pepper

Red chili flakes

Hot Sauce


Pots or Pan with lid


  1. Wash baby potatoes and place them into large pan or pot with minimal water, turn the heat on high and boil with lid on until the water evaporates.
  2. Once the water evaporates, add olive oil to fry the potatoes. Add minced garlic. Turn the heat on medium to prevent your garlic from burning (like mine did!). Add sea salt and black pepper. Once your potatoes are brown put them in a bowl.
  3. Using the same pot or pan, add in shrimp, garlic, and olive oil to sauté. Once shrimps begin to cook, add in brussels sprouts. Add sea salt, black pepper, red chili flakes to taste.
  4. After the brussels sprouts and shrimp are cooked to your liking (some like the brussel sprouts more crunchy, some like it more soft, up to you), layer them on top of your bowl.
  5. Finally, fry your egg! And place it on top of your bowl.
  6. Drizzle on that hot sauce.


Voila my Cassava inspired breakfast hash bowl. Your dinner and lunches are ready to go! Meal prep can’t be any easier.

I guess I could have made an aioli, but I didn’t really care for it because I’m much more of a garlic favor kinda gal. I want something super fast and super simple on a Monday night. And the fried egg adds that “sauce” when you break the yolk.

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Avocado would be a good addition, but too bad mine weren’t ripe yet. Next time I’m going to add to this recipe and add some avocado and make a Whole 30 or Paleo aioli. Follow up with me for that update!


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