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Date Night: Eat Drink San Francisco 2017

I love Fridays because I loooove food! And on Fridays we usually talk about food. Oh and a little fun update, I’m sick with a swollen index finger because I got bit by a mosquito. We’re done moving now, we’re just getting everything together and situated. We’re preparing for an upcoming wedding, upcoming fish trip, and upcoming LABOR DAY WEEKEND! Woohoo! Back to food, so last Friday A and I went to Eat Drink SF. It was a great experiences and we would do it all over again because we are such foodies that coming to these events make it very worth it.So, I’ve fasted previously before coming to the event because I knew I was going to be eating A LOT and drinking A LOT. There are so many vendors you tend to get overwhelmed, but we started from the entrance and made…

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One Day Trip to Wineries and Eateries in Napa Valley, California

Summertime is the perfect time for wine tasting in Napa. So, this past weekend, A and I took a one day trip to Napa Valley, California! We were planning on staying, but because it was a last minute trip the hotels were all expensive, which turned into a staycation for us. We didn’t have to fly to Napa, we drove an hour and 10 minutes. Like every trip we always meet someone and this trip we met a couple that also came for a Napa day trip! For 30 bucks from Vegas to SFO, I definitely would have too. We started our drive early around 10am. The day before I generated a list of Napa Wineries we wanted to visit, but in actually we only went to 2 out of the 10 billion I looked up. I would recommend going earlier to squeeze in as many wineries as…

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10 Must Try Eateries in Southern California: San Gabriel Valley, Los Angeles, and Orange County

Can you tell now, I am such a foodie! A and I love to eat and our vacations are planned around food eateries including juiceries, taco trucks, and hole-in-the walls!Maybe that is why I always gain weight!! I think this post is appropriate since we just came back from Los Angeles and Los Angeles is usually our home away from home get-a-way. And whenever we talk to our friends they always say, Los Angeles has the BEST food. So, I want to share my top 10 favorite eateries in Southern California. Let’s start from the San Gabriel Valley (SGV) all the way down to Orange County (OC). Our trip typically starts in OC and ends in SGV because we have breakfast and boba before we head home. But for the purpose of my mental map, we’ll talk about SGV first.San Gabriel…