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Weigh In Wednesday: Working Out in the Kitchen and Gym

How many Weigh In Wednesdays have we gone through now? It’s 11:10 pm, but I’ve started to feel comfortable in my own skin again. To be honest, I haven’t weighed myself in two weeks. If you didn’t know, I had this consistant feeling of being 300 lbs and now I feel it less often. But weighing myself is still a touchy subject for me.I’ve been working very hard to keep constant with dieting (intermittent fasting and 5:2 diet), working out, and drinking water. Something I need to work on is writing in my journal.Anyways, you know when one feeling is gone, another feeling is back. That “another” feeling is cellulite. I’m trying to work on reducing the cellulites by working on cardio squats.In case, you are wondering what my normal workout schedule is like…Monday: Morning: 2 milesEvening…

Food Recipes

Lazy Girls’ Guide to the 5:2 Intermittent Fasting Meal Prep

Today is another weigh in Wednesday. This is the third Wednesday so far into my intermittent fasting. I thought I’d talk about my personal key to success: Meal Prepping. It is easy to get lazy and just pick up lunch from the nearby restaurant or to eat whatever is in your fridge and to ultimately fail at intermittent fasting. It is never easy to commit to a diet because there are A LOT of distractions. For example, the smell of pizza, watching your coworker eat a bowl of noodles, or Instagram. Dieting takes a lot of self control especially fasting. One way I keep on track on the 2 days of 500 calories is think of the 500 calories as dollars. You only have $500 to spend, you can go under, but you can’t go over! That helps me get over the mental block that normally comes…

Food Recipes

Intermittent Fasting

I struggle with my weight since I was younger. I confessed to a friend yesterday night that when I see myself in the mirror I don’t see myself. I see a 300-lb girl staring back at me and she told me that that’s a mental issue and not a physical issue. But when I started to think about it, the problem is still the same.  Simply put I’m just not happy at my weight. Maybe you are someone who feels the same? I just want to let you know you aren’t alone.I’m a 5’3 girl and being 150 is not my ideal weight, especially when your boyfriend is 5’7 and a stick figure. The problem I face is, we workout the same amounts (me a little less because I’m in school) and we eat the same (especially on…