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Room-By-Room Guide to Cleaning Up Your Rental Property

Finally! We’ve been moving and hustling and bustling, so of course why wouldn’t I create a Money Monday guide to teach you how to save money whilst cleaning your rental property. (We try to keep our rented apartment as clean as possible for the next tenants!) We have experiences as renters and as landlords because we are still renting.A and I have taken the week to move out of our home and BACK into our parents house (yes, sadly you heard that right) to save a little extra cash for the future. Don’t worry we don…

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Financial Advice from One Twenty-Something Year Old to Another

By now I’ve seen enough memes about twenty-somethings either getting married or buying a condo. And Yes you can be one of those twenty-somethings, which fortunately I am to know that we take adulting very seriously and in order to be actual grown up we need to start sometimes we need financial advice from our friends.I never really thought about my finances in my 20s until recently. It is never too late to start thinking and taking action on it. The sooner the better, financial planning is a diet for your wallet. Financial planning is something…

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Budgeting for 25 Year Olds

At 25 you will never think about saving money for a down payment, but you should start thinking or start having that conversation. Budgeting doesn’t happen over night, it is a lifestyle. Budgeting or being frugal doesn’t mean you have to give up avocado toasts, cocktails, and going out to eat. We try to keep our day-to-day life almost the same without suffering and eating instant noodle every night.FoodWe cook Sundays to Thursdays at home, which allows us to go out Fridays and Saturdays. We love trying new restaurants, so eating from home most…

Investment, Life Lessons, Millennials, Real Estate

5 Investment Properties Questions You Must Ask When You Look For Tenants

I’m sorry my Monday’s have been lacking in the investment information. I’m just starting to get used to balancing my work flow, school flow, blog flow, and homeowner flow. Life ain’t easy! But nothing good comes easy! This Sunday we went over to our investment property to fix a broken bathroom vent, which sparked a conversation between A and I over how we’re going to handle this. I thought I’d share with you how we have figured this out all over a steak dinner (marinated by yours truly!) with a great glass of…