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Room-By-Room Guide to Cleaning Up Your Rental Property

Finally! We’ve been moving and hustling and bustling, so of course why wouldn’t I create a Money Monday guide to teach you how to save money whilst cleaning your rental property. (We try to keep our rented apartment as clean as possible for the next tenants!) We have experiences as renters and as landlords because we are still renting.A and I have taken the week to move out of our home and BACK into our parents house (yes, sadly you heard that right) to save a little extra cash for the future. Don’t worry we don’t plan on living there forever. We just want to rent from our parents helping them while helping us. But before moving in or out A and I go through a cleaning day to make the place presentation for the next tenants. Scroll pass the infographics to read cash saving…

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Weigh In Wednesday: Working Out in the Kitchen and Gym

How many Weigh In Wednesdays have we gone through now? It’s 11:10 pm, but I’ve started to feel comfortable in my own skin again. To be honest, I haven’t weighed myself in two weeks. If you didn’t know, I had this consistant feeling of being 300 lbs and now I feel it less often. But weighing myself is still a touchy subject for me.I’ve been working very hard to keep constant with dieting (intermittent fasting and 5:2 diet), working out, and drinking water. Something I need to work on is writing in my journal.Anyways, you know when one feeling is gone, another feeling is back. That “another” feeling is cellulite. I’m trying to work on reducing the cellulites by working on cardio squats.In case, you are wondering what my normal workout schedule is like…Monday: Morning: 2 milesEvening…

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Top 10 Essential Weight Loss Tools to Stay Losing Weight

Last two weeks have been a crazy one! I had finals for my summer course, but not just finals .. 3 exams over the course of a 4 day period. I broke my intermittent fasting, so I could stay focus and energized while studying. Other than that, Weigh In Wednesday is going.. I’m staying on track by keeping consistent now that I am back on IF. I’ve also been working out twice a day and recently registered for The North Face Endurance Challenge in November. A and I are only doing the 10k because we have a lot going on in our lives, so we’re worried we might not be able to have enough time to train for a half marathon. Having a fitness goal makes saying “on track easier” because you are working towards something. Also utilizing weight loss tools can help you stay losing weight!How…