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Date Night: Eat Drink San Francisco 2017

by Caaarrrolynnnn-

I love Fridays because I loooove food! And on Fridays we usually talk about food. Oh and a little fun update, I’m sick with a swollen index finger because I got bit by a mosquito. We’re done moving now, we’re just getting everything together and situated. We’re preparing for an upcoming wedding, upcoming fish trip, and upcoming LABOR DAY WEEKEND! Woohoo! Back to food, so last Friday A and I went to Eat Drink SF. It was a great experiences and we would do it all over again because we are such foodies that coming to these events make it very worth it.

La Mar San Francisco

So, I’ve fasted previously before coming to the event because I knew I was going to be eating A LOT and drinking A LOT. There are so many vendors you tend to get overwhelmed, but we started from the entrance and made ourselves go through the outer circle and than the inner circle. There were some places with lines and others without, but because there was two of us- while one waited in line the other had free range to wait in another line or pick food from places without lines and deliver it back 🙂 That’s what foodships are about okay?!

Eat Drink San Francisco

These events are great because on an average night out to San Francisco A and I spent around $200 for food alone and then if we go out for drinks or order drinks the meal is even more expensive. You also get to try a lot of different “fancier than normal” restaurants such as La Mar, Crystal Jade, and the list goes on. Theses would what I consider be “date night” restaurants for a little ambiances and a little chatting. The food becomes the conversation.

A loves me because I love food, so find yourself someone you can talk food with. 

Back to the event, some of the most memorable food items were the Peruvian ceviche from La Mar (which I ate 3 of), toro from Robin (which I also ate 3 of), jamon from Bellota, salmon from .. go knows where the line was outrageous, and sturgeon from The Stag. There was a lot of seafood items during Friday evenings service. They also did Saturday afternoon, Saturday evening, and Sunday brunch. But all the tables did exceptionally well at handing the crowd.

They provided various of food options throughout and the vendors differ each day. They run programs throughout the event, so we watched a demonstration because we love The Bird’s fried chicken sandwich. And at the end of the presentation they told us that with the card provided they have a SECRET menu item for us viewers- which was black truffle, ikura, and fried chicken handroll. (inset clapping emoji) because its taking a simple fried chicken and combining it with unique and distinctive flavors and elevating a timeless fried chicken into a high class handroll. PURE GENIUS.

Fried chicken, black truffles, and ikura hand rolls

We also did a lot of drinking during this time, I’ve met loads of bartenders and was pretty sure I was talking nonstop. The irony is before we were eating, I was talking about how I ALMOST won the most talkative award in middle school, but sadly I lost. He said at the end of the night maybe if you wanted to win that award you should have drank some alcohol. haha, NO.

We tried wines imported from Quintessential, aperitif from Lillet, beer from a local brewer, and a mixture of cocktails, mocktails, and 1 tinnnnny plastic cup of luke warm water. LOL. That rule of 1 glass of water per alcoholic beverage clearly flew out the door, but I didn’t drink as much as I am making it sound.

What is great about going with your boyfriend is that there is no judgement on how much food you both are consuming and how idiotic you maybe looking because you have a wine glass in another hand, a plate of food in the other and no hands to actually eat. A kept throwing food at my full plate, but I had no hands to eat. Also slow eater. There is no time to sit, so you keep walking and trying to eat or trying to drink, but there are plenty of places to sit and stand.

Toro, salmon roes, and rice from Robin San Francisco


  • We did general admission and didn’t find that we needed to wait too long. We arrived at 6:45pm and got in at 7:15pm. Only 1 stall ran out of food.
  • It can be overwhelming inside, there is a lot of FOOD and a lot of DRINKS. So pace yourself.
  • Take a small bite and decide for yourself if you want to continue eating, if not don’t feel bad for throwing it away just make sure its in the compost.
  • Do watch a demonstration, if you love to cook like I do, you’ll find it interesting & chefs are ALWAYS interesting.
  • I’m still trying to figure this out, but how can I have two hands to eat while holding my wine glass?
  • It’s very hard to take photos while standing, walking and eating. You need a 5th hand to be honest. Get a GOPRO LOL.

Salmon with Puffed Rice



  1. Harmony, Momma To Go

    Ive never been to one of these types of events. But we were just in san fran two weeks ago! we were with our kids so our dining out was also family friendly

    09 . 09 . 2017
    • Caaarrrolynnnn

      They have these tasting events all over! It’s a good date night event 😉

      21 . 09 . 2017
  2. Ann

    I’m drooling over the photos!!! great food that surely ended the night great!

    22 . 09 . 2017
  3. Alessia Morello

    Hi CAROLIN! I really loved your post at firts because I want to visit san francisco soon and second, BECAUSE i love love love food!! i’m italian so you can understand that the food and cooking is part of my life. are amazing this kind of events hope to join to one. stay in touch! love your blog! kiss kiss

    22 . 09 . 2017
  4. Yanika Muscat

    Wooww. the food seems DELICIOUS. Yumm Yumm 🙂 Love the quote of love food with someone to talk hehe. DEFINITELY is worth it. Trying different food from different cultures is a way I like to do it too. 🙂

    23 . 09 . 2017

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