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Room-By-Room Guide to Cleaning Up Your Rental Property

by Caaarrrolynnnn-

Finally! We’ve been moving and hustling and bustling, so of course why wouldn’t I create a Money Monday guide to teach you how to save money whilst cleaning your rental property. (We try to keep our rented apartment as clean as possible for the next tenants!) We have experiences as renters and as landlords because we are still renting.

A and I have taken the week to move out of our home and BACK into our parents house (yes, sadly you heard that right) to save a little extra cash for the future. Don’t worry we don’t plan on living there forever. We just want to rent from our parents helping them while helping us. But before moving in or out A and I go through a cleaning day to make the place presentation for the next tenants. Scroll pass the infographics to read cash saving tips while cleaning up!

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Tip #1

Use Ibotta and Reciept Hog to collect points and cash back on your cleaning supplies purchases.

Tip #2

To remove kitchen gease from kitchen cabinets and airvents use a steel brush, gease spray, and gently scrub in circles.

Tip #3

Use old toothbrushes and extra toothpaste to clean around the faucets area removing water strains and dirt.

Tip #4

Boil lemons and rosemarys on the stove top and open windows to get rid of any kitchen smells.

Tip #5

Before moving in, spray the lining of windows and doors with bug spray to prevent bugs from crawling in and leave the windows open to prevent chemical odors.

Tip #6

Fix window screens yourself! Purchase mesh from home depot and unlock the screen and replace by cutting it to your desired size.

Tip #7

Removing mold is easy, preventing mold is too. We clean mold creating vinegar wipes from old lysol wipes canisters and then an empty spray bottle with water to clean afterwards.


We spend a lot of money on renting or on the mortgage, so we should at least spend some time taking care of our home. A and I can tell you cleaning isn’t our favorite thing, but we give the home a good deep clean before living there. We clean our rental the same way we clean our home because we treat it as if we are living there. No one wants to live in a dirty and dusty house.

Somethings we need to do is find a handy man because ours has recently moved away. Having a handyman to fix window screen problems or even the dishwasher problem is VERY important, so they can help you fix unforeseen issues.



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