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Restarting lifestyle with Whole 30

by Caaarrrolynnnn-

Recently my body wasn’t working right and I had no mental clarity, so I went to see the doctor and she said to me “We live in Silicon Valley, if we’re not stressed we’re not doing it right”. Which ended up driving me crazy and almost having a break down in the doctor’s office. I decided I need to make a change in my life habits. I decided to change my diet AGAIN. Loads of people know I change my diets like I change my toothbrush. Every 3 months, is literally a new diet. I decided to go Whole30.


If you’ve never heard of Whole30, it’s a restart consisting of no iodized salt and sugar, no grains including corn, and no dairy. The list goes on, but basically CLEAN and HEALTHY foods made with whole ingredients. Just think you are vegan and gluten free LOL.


So far, I’ve lost 5 pounds, my goal is to lose 10 in 4 weeks and I’m only half way there.  I watched the Whole30 BuzzFeed video on Youtube, I felt it was a reasonable goal.


I still work out regularly, but have incorporated running because we were training for the North Face Endurance Challenge. Yesterday I worked out 3 times running 4 miles, strength conditioning, and then cardio kickboxing.


The only things I missed is rice and bread, which people say you should have lots of carbs while running, so I try to eat lots of potatoes since it is Whole30 approved.


I’ve cut out alcohol, which is really hard since A and I typically get a glass of red wine or cocktails with our friends over the weekend. I’m much better without it.


Eating out is difficult especially since we usually eat Vietnamese or Chinese food. At resturants, I order meat and veggies- I have no option to ask them to not use iodized salt or olive oil. But when I eat out alone or just A and I, I try my best to have salad or sautéed veggies with a grilled or baked protein.


I avoid trigger foods like sandwich meats because I don’t want to be reminded of having a sandwich. And if I make things with sauce that goes with rice for A, I’ll have a bowl of cauliflower rice. Whole30 would call these food types SWPO (Sex with pants on) because its like having sex, but not.


Before I decided to do Whole30, I did a LOT of research. Research on other people’s progress and how it affected their life. I went onto Pinterest to get a little inspiration on what foods to make throughout the week. I suggest before starting any lifestyle changes to speak to a professional and do research to find out if it is the best lifestyle change for you.

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