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Weigh In Wednesday: Working Out in the Kitchen and Gym

by Caaarrrolynnnn-

How many Weigh In Wednesdays have we gone through now? It’s 11:10 pm, but I’ve started to feel comfortable in my own skin again. To be honest, I haven’t weighed myself in two weeks. If you didn’t know, I had this consistant feeling of being 300 lbs and now I feel it less often. But weighing myself is still a touchy subject for me.

I’ve been working very hard to keep constant with dieting (intermittent fasting and 5:2 diet), working out, and drinking water. Something I need to work on is writing in my journal.

Anyways, you know when one feeling is gone, another feeling is back. That “another” feeling is cellulite. I’m trying to work on reducing the cellulites by working on cardio squats.

In case, you are wondering what my normal workout schedule is like…

Monday: Morning: 2 miles

Evening: Cardio Kickboxing

Tuesday (fast day): Morning: Cardio Lifting (optional, depends on my schedule)

Evening: Thai Pads (Power Kickboxing)

Wednesday: Cardio Lifting

Thursday (fast day): Power Lifting

Friday: Morning: 2 miles

Evening: Cardio Kickboxing

… most days are around this, the weight lifting days are dependent on what I am working on. For example, my cardio lifting these days are focused on light back/front/overhead squats because I’m working on my calves for the North Face Endurance Challenge. I’m also jumping rope and working on double unders to help my calves for the uphill battles. Hopefully, this will help me lose weight! Crossing my fingers!!!!!!

The second part of my workout in upperbody. I’m working on pull ups, so I’ve been working on my lats and triceps with dumbbell workouts. I use dumbbells because I work out at a garage gym style gym there are no machines to assist.

But everyone knows that abs are made in the kitchen! What is it? 85% is in the kitchen and 15% in the gym? Something along that line, I don’t know.

So I do try to keep consistant, so when I go out I can cheat a bit. When I go out to eat for dinner, I’ll mentally portion or pick a healthy item I know I will enjoy. Yea, it is a mental workout.

For example, before we came to the hospital, A and I went to the Farmers Market and got a chocolate sourdough bread. SO GOOD. But we also got Cheesecake Factory without the cheesecake! I portioned it by dividing it in half and boxing up the other half for tomorrow. Another mental workout for you!

As for the Monday to Friday, let I said previously we get our groceries from Trader Joes and the asian market. Last week my 500 cal meal prep included combinations of cauliflower rice and salmon. I even made 200 cal fried rice before! When you only have 500 cals you get creative! tupperware, ikea, paleo fried rice, shrimp, kale, weight, weigh in

Download this weeks 5:2 diets shopping list for Trader Joes:

Weekly Trader Joes 5:2 Diet Shopping List





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